Erpa Medikal

Together with we we take the road to success and a bright future.


Founded in Istanbul in Erpa Medical Material Co.Ltd . Since the first years of success in the sector reached the highest level with the graphics . Hospital and medical materials company operating in the field of customer-focused work style, and has strengthened its position by never compromising on quality.


Quickly Our company aims at the growth path, 1998 until today, establishing a manufacturing factory started.sustainable production material develops its own products Portfolios , customer attentiveness has managed to keep the highest among policy is to continue to face. Distribution of products made with sensitivity to the protection of the health sector and trained staff to the point where it reaches the end user is careful not to disturb the quality of the service chain.


ISO 9001-2008 quality management system as a corporate structure , the company has changed the concept completely focused on customer satisfaction.


Our company is registered with the National Information Bank as suppliers , goods continued to lead the industry as the registrant of the first companies in the Medical Device Directive into the national data bank .


At the same time in order to better reinforce the quality system regardless of the type of products we produce are always safe and effective products as a manufacturer of medical equipment are required to possess the delivery obligations. ISO 13485: 2003 medical device initiating the work of the international standards for regulation document adopted worldwide , we have had the honor to conclude this file soon to set up our infrastructure .


We took a step towards improving our machinery to be modern. By following our investments in technology , we move a little in this direction.


Always better and more efficient service to our customers to make investments on behalf of keeping current technologies are not afraid of this understanding of our company and all of its employees in a shared does not mean the end of efforts to form the focal point.


Dust and gases that create environmental pollution causes adverse effects in the lives of all living things. As a result of living with a sensitive approach to the environment and healthy communities are formed. Healthy life in economic well-being of society are called social sustainability. Based on this understanding , we are making every raw material and every product we produce as we Erp to be in a position to provide us to live in a cleaner world what ever we can.