Quality & Certificates

All we do is customer satisfaction and we will make

Erpa as " work done, our reference " the principle is our policy not to operate continuously, once a customer. Nobody will be happy to be deceived . Moreover customers are very sensitive to the well being deceived . The customer does not want to live another experience with a deceiving himself ; It makes the people around him know it. Here are the things we've done so not on behalf finish the job , work quality, robust and we are trying to finish in an honest manner .

Quality is not Coincidence

Employees of mutual trust, respect, love, understanding and improving communication, fear will create a peaceful working environment by eliminating

Customer satisfaction, the satisfaction of believing that the future of our employees we will provide better service,

Customer satisfaction, the fastest and most efficient way we will approach the issue based on the needs related to the discipline and team spirit, rampant in service,

A friendly, planned and standards, we committed to providing quality services to the highest level,

Our company is growing national and international technical and technology by following the timely detection of customer demand that may occur in parallel to this we offer products that will meet these expectations,

Domestic and international official technical standards guarantees that we will accept the prescribed technical specifications of the products offered by the market standard,

We will make our task with minimum error that we will stand behind our promise, it will be open to innovation and creativity,

In our company we will ensure the continuation of the established quality assurance system,

We Promise.

Professional Management , Trained Staff , Quality Products

Erpa , with professional managers , trained with his colleagues and with the expectations of its customers to produce medical materials without compromising quality and always needs met in the best way so far.


Innovative and Technological Products

Our establishment until today , following the current technological practices in our industry and offer innovative products. We contribute to the development of the industry with our innovative products and production methods .


Understanding Sustainable Production

Our selection of raw materials used in our products , our production process , from the packaging to the shipping process every step we can keep using cleaner methods of our world.


Quality -Oriented Production

Permanent "Customer Satisfaction" to provide quality products and services to produce , our basic principle is to offer the most favorable conditions them to market .

Quality Certificates

Erpa Turkish and carries out production in accordance with world standards.