We Work for Next Generations

Erpa produces its products with the aim of leaving a better world to next generations
by using special materials and methods that does not harm environment.

Antibacterial Powder Eco-Friendly

Erpa uses Antibacterial Powder Coating in painted Eco-Friendly products . Antibacterial powder paint on the painted surface bacteria , mold and fungus to grow and stop killing in a short time completely . Tested and approved according to JIS Z 2801

Recycled Products

raw materials and materials used in our products are highly recyclable. In this way, a more efficient use of our natural resources and strive to lower our old world look .


The world is faced with more problems every day about consumption . We closely follow all developments in terms of efficient use of our resources for this reason . Fewer resources , we are working with all our might to produce more efficient products. We sincerely believe that our world a more beautiful and livable our best legacy will leave to future generations.


We are aware of the use of recycled products back and produce that one of the cornerstones of sustainable production approach . We use a high proportion of recycled raw materials in our products that we manufacture . Also, we provide the supply in all product groups we are extremely careful in this regard.

Carbon Emission

Less carbon more oxygen !
carbon footprint today, we will reduce our permission to follow all the innovations and applications are extremely committed . Erpa , keeping the carbon footprint of the production processes at the lowest level seen as part of a sustainable production approach.